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  1. it does but does not contain all languages. French canadians swearing as far as i know is not covered at all since i saw tenno with literaly curse words as their name ^.^ But on the other hands some words seems to be bad and in multiple language they are not ^.^
  2. wait you dont like people who just answer "NO!" to something without explanation ? me neither btw ^.^
  3. Well if not used properly yes but in long run like in the void keys day those lasers were life savers and all tenno i saw on those run knew perfectly how to run them. Most new tenno dont even know what they do. They dont even spread that much of an area ( 1 fourth on the low level each ) A lot of tenno would have told you to just stay on the upper floor or make premade with tenno not using them. Personaly i try to understand why its that much of a big deal to you. It seems rather small deal to me. Even if they used all 4 on you in the same run you would have either no revive left ( if you run no arcanes ) , learned or already left anyway dont you think ?
  4. Well i do understand the feeling but i actualy know a lot of tenno who use them on enemy. Most of the time i see new tenno making mistake but on purpose its uncommon situation to me.
  5. banned gaia is the earth btw ^.^ .. charles the 2nd rly ? not Eminem ?
  6. banned for making me think about My name is (what?) My name is (who?) My name is ...
  7. i'm here to get my usual "Nothing" answer ^.^ please go ahead ^.^
  8. Welcome to the forums tenno. Well not rly promises are not enforced so yeah thats kinda sad. Do not name shame so i'm not sure if its the tenno name but if yeah remove it to not get in trouble.
  9. Oh like the lotus pack https://www.warframe.com/lotus-packs/ btw this was an april fool but was largely requested as a serious feature.
  10. Well actualy its a bad timing they were suposed to release the update early( but they got delay) and thus making the nightwave serie without a down period i think. Thats why they apologised and made a 10 nitain alert so tenno in need of it may still get it from a super easy mission. You just happen to have the bad luck of missing it. Sorry tenno.
  11. Oh ! Well if it was in a gift from the devstream you can expect them to probably come back as something outside of nightwave during nightwave downtime sadly you kinda missed it this weekend. So basicly currently you can either wait or try to farm it in spy ( please don try that ) You can also take a break for the time being until next nightwave ^.^
  12. Hi ^.^ welcome and good bye. Take care ^.^ if you need anything else just ask btw there was an alert just last week end with 10 nitain in it
  13. banned chocolate is way better. wait i think i would be lemon actualy ^.^
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