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  1. ouch prety much like lawrence in VGHS when he loose his wasd. Hope he recover fast.
  2. I like the friday post ^.^ braton VANDAL ! WHOA ^.^
  3. Look if we got an augment for botanist sentinel i can't see why we can't get that ^.^ But we need kavat to be able to fish thougth and kubrow able to do some conservation.
  4. Just do it like 5 times and your problem will go pouf out of nowhere ^.^
  5. Wait you ranked up slower with subsuming frames than you hit your cap ? Did you subsumed ability into frames ?
  6. Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Sadly we actually did not got any update recently. They will probably rework some things on this event.
  7. Guys i also found this one https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=PYRAH
  8. Thanks you rock ^.^ Well i must disagree on the looks like garbage part thougth. The monsters looks amazing ... but yeah the everything else looks like trash ^.^
  9. You are obviously a market man we can notice that with your little 2 800$ ish worth of plat LOL Strange have you seen weird recent activities in your trades ? Btw we can't really do anything here you must contact support : https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/
  10. Welcome to the forums tenno. Thats a bug i think. Amazing find btw ^.^ i'm gonna guess it should be moved here : https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1234-ui/
  11. i'm gonna laugh if instead they actually move the projector instead of the projection ^.^
  12. Thats nothing compared to concealed explosive resonating saryn trust me.
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