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  1. the intermission act is the same for everyone once you made all the challenges you need to wait for others. After that you go into the plus 30 realm where its only intermission credits. I guess thats only on how you build your frames because Octavia and Oberon Actually Transend enemy levels they basicly bypass level and control wide area if built for it. Its not burst damage but it ticks fast.
  2. As Danielle said one per person but technically you can make more and submit only one making the others for our enjoyment tho ^.^
  3. Well thats funny because i saw one last week ^.^
  4. Whoa thanks for putting all of the together in the same place ^.^
  5. steel path seems to attract all encounter at a higher rate was it in normal mission or SP ?
  6. Take care of yourself then tenno ^.^
  7. As soon as the digital ticket stop making an error when i try. I'm in ^.^
  8. like you get a hockey stick ? Honestly i dont know what they will do with that it would be great to have "Have 3 crewmates while playing with other tenno" that would bring the ship to possible total of 7 crew members XD Look i have the right to dream allright ^.^
  9. tryed going into your railjack to start missions ? Always worked for me but maybe i'm wrong ^.^
  10. Loki was a starter frame and i also paid plat for revives XD Just to put in perspective i also paid 1$ to get an entrance at the theater when i was a kid but i'm only in my 30 ies ^.^ i feel very old
  11. for frames GAUSS NEZHA NIDUS OBERON TITANIA TRINITY VALKYR for abilities Immovable –  Atlas Valence Block –  Lavos Nimble –  Valkyr for mods with abilities  Icy Avalanche  Negation Swarm  Purifying Flames  Rumbled  Shield of Shadows for reference : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Knockdown
  12. Bonjour ^.^ Ça dépends de quel tier de récompense. combien de case d'avionic avait-tu de maximisé ? avec combien de morceau de vaisseaux construit ? 4 case avionic plus 1 moceaux de vaisseau = tier 1 7 case avionic plus 3 moceaux de vaisseau = tier 2 toutes les cases et 6 moceaux de vaisseau = tier 3 Enfait je crois que la traduction approprié est probablement "épaves" mais bon. Désolé de mon mauvais français XD Voici le texte officiel en anglais Oh et bienvenue sur le forums tenno ^.^
  13. Hi there tenno ^.^ Well once complete you have a bunch of decoration representing all the planets and the others ( the forteress , lua ,the void and deimos ) and the emotes with it. Pretty much that we dont have anything else special asside from that
  14. Matchmaking and presence server upgrade but it affects all platform ? Hum thats interesting ^.^
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