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  1. allright you won man i dont even stand a chance after this ! ^.^
  2. Yeah totaly not the same thing but its better ^.^
  3. Well it depends of the window of time you gives DE if you watched last devstream ^.^ Yeah if you didn't participated you can start new on Switch other transfer will probably be on hold because DE is thinking about cross saving progress on all platform and Steve got like a huge brick of paper with details of how to approach this on is desk but said he would read it in last devstream maybe we will have news of that today or later who knows^. ^
  4. Nah thats just a curse as far as i know but its mentionned a lot ^.^ To OP : Ive never found him in a closet but honestly thats hillarious ^.^
  5. Probably an ignis cause i can't seem to aim properly ^.^
  6. Oh nice ^.^ will we have another sneek peek to what we are gonna have for halloween event ? Please let it be a ship decoration ^.^
  7. Excal prime should not be avaible on any console its just for warframe PC founders but honestly you can just take umbra its almost the same thing to be honest. ( unless you realy want the shiny aspect of excal prime ) Honestly for MR its almost nothing and on top of that MR has not much impact for this part.
  8. Oh hello there M. Kenobi ! OP : sorry but it was last week so probably next week they got off sync due to vacation/trip to japan / other things thats probably why you were expecting them this week ^.^
  9. Tryed Helene on saturn too ? Technicly its still viable yeah since its used for farming focus it brings a lot of xp ^.^
  10. Hi ^.^ Some tenno are having realy hard time to get to play even on a PC for Orb Valis and the plains so even with optimisation the current state of technology would not provide us of any mobile technology(affordable) able to render a proper gameplay for this type of game. TL:DR : current cellphones wont make it sadly ;( But the idea is not wrong ^.^ Having the possibility to play games in the warframe mobile app that would give us stuff in the real game would be cool. You know a mini-game of cyphers or even a little management game that allows you to drop lets say .... MUTAGENE SAMPLES ! Btw welcome to the forums tenno ^.^
  11. Hi guys ^.^ Allright this morning i did a defense on helen and got surprised because i joined after 5 waves ! We finished the waves to see if i got the first drop too but it was written that i could not have the drop due to inactivity ( i know i'm prety much inactive when i'm not there ^.^ ) but after 10 waves we also got another tenno joinning in Only notable strange thing after that is that when on my liset after the mission 2 of the tenno left the squad but still remained in the top of my screen in squad but were not avaible in the chat. Hope this can help someone ^.^ TL:DR : I joined after 5 waves in a defense mission on helen saturn but wait there is more ! After 10 waves we also got another tenno joinning
  12. Hyena Change (Razorback mission only) AH! Thats what it was ^.^
  13. Well this seems to say something is happening yeah ^.^ https://outage.report/warframe
  14. Aw cmon ! now i'm stuck with this forever ! Baby zephyr ^.^
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