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  1. Totaly i was just making a joke with your name Its a bug and should be fixed just to know if its not all completed is it still avaible is a piece of intel that can help ^.^
  2. Yeah but ifnot all finished can you do the arbitration ? ... ... get it ifnot ^.^
  3. Well i dont know if i'm the only one with this but each time i try to put mods on all my weapons one of them lead to a blank screen and i can't do anything ^.^ Most of the time its the weapons with the bonus of the arbritation mission ^.^
  4. trunks013

    We Need To Talk About Warframe

    Hello there ^.^ Yep i personaly miss weekly/monthly events. They dont do those anymore and the content realease is getting prety different from what we are used to. Having a small team working on event that release monthly would be super cool. It could even be experiment area for game mode with funny mechanic like all infested charger that one shot you survival. btw i'm still waiting for my grinner chainsaw ^.^ Some work need to be done and putting all the eggs in the same fortuna/railjack basket may not be the best way. We will see how they do ^.^
  5. trunks013

    I know you're Canadian, but...

    Honestly i can't think something out of its actualy random. I'm canadian and they still do not show up in time that are possible for me. Its either while i'm at work or in the middle of the night. and i'm waking up at 5 am.
  6. Oh sorry i dont raly know music didnt realise it. Thats why nobody tryed it LOL Thanks man ^.^
  7. maybe it should be off topic because the whole thing is gonna turn sideways super fast and super fun ^.^ Someone at DE is speaking french and is making a lot of joke in the game First node of phobos is Roche wich is french for Rock Ordis is the french short for computer Sortie means Exit in french paracyst literaly mean Not Racist in french. and many others ^.^
  8. trunks013

    Warframe Servers Maintenance Incoming!

    Thanks for the intel Marcus ^.^
  9. trunks013

    "Topic" change my mind.

    i can't argue with that man i'm french canadian ! Cmon man ^.^
  10. trunks013

    "Topic" change my mind.

    of course it is Change my mind !
  11. trunks013

    "Topic" change my mind.

    pineapple on pizza are actualy great .... compared if you put them in a poutine ! change my mind
  12. trunks013

    "Topic" change my mind.

    Do i count as the first post ? since the other one is the thread starter ?
  13. trunks013

    "Topic" change my mind.

    to start something like this it may be better on off topic because it can go south prety fast. Its actualy Low tier to mid tier to be honest.
  14. trunks013

    Switch exclusive skin idea

    you mean beside the already existing Sword and Hat skin ?