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  1. Wait do doors count as enemies ? If yes well i'm not like you at all ^.^
  2. Ha thats what the trick is now ^.^ seems like it was changed 2 years ago ( Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.4) . now i feel old ^.^ allright i stand corrected ^.^
  3. its rathum ^.^ to farm kela . Basicly its the grineer version of the index minus the credits ^.^
  4. Oh linkin park ^.^ Well do you need a tutorial for mr 9 test ? Did you knew that the redeemer can be silent with banshee ? * seems like it was changed 2 years ago ( Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.4) . now i feel old ^.^
  5. Allright i dont think it would be necessary to be honest ... but if they really need it please make Danielle mocap it ^.^
  6. Seems like some items are not made to be bought with large quantities some items on the market are also like that ( i think slots are still like that ) What is the item you are trying to get in large amount tenno ?
  7. Oh and to answer "What do i do with all that energy" Question in advance . Get a dagger with covert lethality and pocket sand everyone ^.^ Dagger with covert lethality seems not as good anymore ^.^
  8. Hi there ^.^ In fact adaptation is not by status but by dammage type and negation swarm is for status so basicly they should work together since the goal of each is different ^.^ You wont be afflicted by status ( negation swarm ) , have a better armor ( the swarm regular effect ) and on top of that you will adapt to dammage type ( adaptation ) Welcome to the forums tenno i'm trunks the typo guy ^.^ PS : Top that with big amount of health and armor and maybe something to replenish energy on hit like rage or hunter adrenaline and you will be literaly a god ... just sayin have a nice one ^.^
  9. yeah its from the login reward. Has not been proven but seems to be happening a lot when you either just spend a large amount of money to buy plat , stopped playing for a while or stated out loud that you dont have any money to put in a game anymore ^.^
  10. I got one called Uppid Sidd i know its missing an ST but still hilarious come to thing of it ^.^
  11. Well if it helps you will be able to try weird ramen with cheese curds at TennoCon ^.^
  12. you know i dont know how to write ^.^
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