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  1. let me present your new best friend this guy @PublikDomain ^.^ link in first comment pretty interesting work ^.^ btw really nice idea tenno ^.^
  2. Welcome to the forums tenno^.^ i could do some research but are you planning on selling the painting ? As far as i know i dont think it would be an issue even if you did.
  3. guys also QTCC2 for a glyph and a display ^.^ https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=QTCC2
  4. guys QTCC from the quest to conquer cancer https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=QTCC
  5. This is so cool can't wait ^.^ Multiple languages streams thats really interesting ^.^
  6. Its just the amount of credits you farmed to be hones ^.^ any min/maxers or a fan of the index ?
  7. Well technicly you dont need to buy those mods they can be traded if you want some i can take a look in what i have. Sorry if i dont have the inventory in my head ive kinda did not do a lot of Railjack recently. Wave my way if you are interested or looking for specific railjacks mods ^.^
  8. Hello there tenno ^.^ level 5 intrinsics means that you need at least one intrinsicts class at level 5 either Tactical, Piloting, Gunnery, Engineering, and Command.
  9. are you saying this because you noticed new wings for naberus ?
  10. Oh naberus thats interesting ^.^ are you guys planning another ship decoration ?
  11. Yeah when that challenge appeared Ayatan Ayr Sculpture went from meh to the best ayatan sculpture ever in a split second ^.^
  12. Yeah you can pm me screaming at RNG i dont mind XD That being said i totaly understand believe me back in the days i got a winning spree of 2k endo to infinity and beyond like in the song Believe me i totaly relate and so does most tenno here ^.^
  13. maybe a bug unless you burned your eyes with a megan size cursor once ? Man that may be related to so many things either a bug or a freaking arbitration drone XD Well that part never changed XD RNG seems to be working perfectly fine again right ? Try to scream in chat "PLEASE RNGESUS DON'T BE NIDUS PART I NEED A FORMA!" it has been proven to not improve your odds but make laugh any other tenno in the party XD
  14. wait only 1 Infested Catalyst ? just to be sure its not a typo ^.^
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