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  1. Ha CMON! Rly that thing is gonna be THAT awesome you are gonna be on the forums on top of that ?
  2. Well seems like the wolves of saturn are heavely hinted !
  3. trunks013

    How to become a Guide of the Lotus.

    Well they open admission from time to time and they make a thread about it. Qc ... so i guess you are what they call a Québécois right ?
  4. trunks013

    Bug et frustration

    Should be in the french section because otherwise all the tenno in the general section wont be able to understand it and it may fly under the radar. That being said there is a lot of "known" bug and a lot of them have been adressed in the updates. I do understand that a log of bug may be realy frustrating and should be adressed fast. The best is still to report them in the proper sections of the forums and wait for a fix. By the way welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ Here is the link for the french section :çais/ Le tous devrais être dans la section Française du forums autrement les tennos de la section général peuvent ne pas comprendre et de cette façons ce thread pourrait perdre de la visibilité. Ceci étant dit beaucoup de bug ont été répertorié et beaucoup sont réparé à travers les updates. Je comprend que plusieurs bug sont de très grand héritant et devrais être adressé rapidement. Le mieux dans ces situation reste toujours de les signifier dans les sections approprié et d'attendre un correctif. En passant bienvenu sur le forum tenno ^.^ Voici le lien pour la section française :çais/
  5. Well i guess since you are new ill introduce myself properly here is a picture of me if you want Honestly i dont know sometimes i dont even get drops ( and i'm correctly linked since i got almost all the others ) ^.^ but ill bet on a plushy 😉
  6. you watch the stream and if your twitch acount is linked to your warframe acount you get drop. They anounce what we get usualy in the streams ^.^ welcome to the forums tenno ^.^
  7. Thanks for the intel Steve always apreciated ^.^ keep being awesome !
  8. Here is mine PS: btw nothing is wrong dont worry its just for the joke !
  9. Well i hope its just not an epidemic of flu/stomac flu
  10. trunks013

    Cherry Tree Glyph

    Its a cool glyph i must admit Nintenno should have a shot at getting it ^.^
  11. trunks013

    Helios and scanning. Advice for new players

    Should be in player helping player i think but yeah good point sadly he does not rescan once fully unlocked ;(
  12. trunks013

    reported for nothing

    solo extract on endless missions as been discussed in DEV stream i guess if it comes to warframe this problem will just vanish into thin aire ^.^
  13. PSA is for mod only tenno
  14. trunks013

    How to get Max mod capacity

    Well given what i see yeah. If you have the proper polarity. Its 3 D polarity 1 V and one dash and he even made a joke to show that you have spare place the dash is used on Augur message instead of prime flow wich is 2 points just thrown out there to laugh about it ^.^