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  1. DE pls pls take an look at the Boss level everything is so bugged atm Major frame drops . stuck in reward screen .. so far my trouble atm
  2. Can't blink with eyes OO that picture on page 1 what is that .. looks like one of my warframe nightmares creepy looking
  3. This is some good news Digital extreme maby we can fingercrossing about Crossplay once again https://news.microsoft.com/2019/05/16/sony-and-microsoft-to-explore-strategic-partnership/ Let hope for us all that this is gonna be an real deal partnership What do you guys think about this awesome news Leave an comment below if you have the time
  4. Why are you Devs doeing this thing midnights you guys know that we need to work and get up early When are those Prime Time And Devs Streams not the same Time As an Europian this is getting frustrated Devs Streams have an good time Pls consider this for allot of people that this needs to change in the future For now ill be seeing it tonight but i can't be there always . and i so wanna be up - to date getting rewards for watching it realy difficult to obtain if you need to get up early and can't see it live
  5. Take the time Devs .. be sure you release an good warframe before the forum changes into well you know *Salt* Got nothing else to do anyway so i'll wait and wait until .. soonTM blows over
  6. Good to hear you have your chroma bp back start building the chroma Tenno
  7. If i may something nice that would be great anyhow you could generate logs from the launcher Like the EE.log etc send those to the support desk and let them take an look at the log if they could find the item for you if you are an IT specialist you know what to do but i gues you don't have any clue open warframe launcher ) go to the gear icon in the top right corner open the gear settings generate all the logs you can see if you make the logs they will be shown on the desktop in the map the 3 logs you made can be the ticket to proof if you would got the item , then it must be in there somewhere in the logs itself scrambled most of the time send those to the support desk . hopefull this can help you
  8. Preventing your success -- Mission Failed -- Thats what the old Limbo does
  9. Limbo can be such an good team sport Disables your alarm panels Pushes you into the rift to save you allot of bullet wasting Melee yourself tru the rift do rollovers anything to be an dodger Limbo *sigh* People need to know how to deal with it Limbo is beeing limbo there is almost nothing left to rework on it they tryed and they keep on trying but the outcome can be good or bad Iam already happy with this new rework somehow .. atleast you arnt beeing completly disabled anymore .. not like the old Limbo did
  10. oh ooo now i need to be hurry with my graphics card rebuild .. before i starting to miss this event Thanks for the event Devs i hope i get this time the SledgeHammer Motor but sure iam excited for it
  11. Happyness from an old player Thanks for the update
  12. i have re-edited the content above you .. with the proper link
  13. Can you pull back that vote pls :) .. my content doesnt match up with your request ,, iam sorry I'll look for you what program you can use for the hardware .. but pls dont make any hardware modifications to it .. i'll re-edit with some of the founded programs here .. I have found something for you to check out there are 8 diffrent software programs that can do what you need only for you to see whats the best one to test https://www.prohavit.com/blog/8-free-macro-recorder-automate-traditional-mouse-keyboard/ I have scanned the site before entering .. so far no trouble using mcafee site advisor to check links
  14. -snip wrong content placed
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