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  1. Yes another Dev stream will be there ofc not for the rewards but to see whats in store for us soon TM 1 question tho When do we get new landing crafts Xiphos - Scimitar - Mantis -Liset Those are here for years now and hope until today on new ships to fly with And no iam not talking about the new ship we get thru Dojo
  2. You should stop adding this BS to the table as we all know that you give only stats about steam not overall players This happend in the past and iam saying it again you don't have the numbers to give an 100% accurate opinion Review the real numbers then add it back to this page Such an easy way to say things if you only have an part of the story straight
  3. any news about new war ? even if its an little teaser, saw earlyer some footage but it made me currious till today how is the work going on that will there be an date for us to expect the new some sort DLC pack Are there new plans to make an new Raid map for the clans , and iam not talking about space raids years have past by and still we are in need for some tactical decision made missions Iam glad over the years that Ember get her rework, i personaly hope that Ember got there community feature and gets her spot back where she belongs as for vauban rework , well iam not that excited for that the reason is this because iam already happy with vauban as it is iam wondering tho what this rework on him will be and what it can do for the future purpose now that some warframe are build in the state of the art design pulling full rooms I will check on the Dev stream only if its the curriosity is in me and hope for the Ember fans that they are happy with the results as it will come
  4. Dethcube prime Thats one good looking skin for the almost the oldest sentinel ingame Seems that Atlas is ready for round 2 I can't wait Thank you Devs for giving us the newest prime
  5. You forgot 1 Play every node without mods equiped
  6. Impatient = don't know how to speed up the process but complains about it quickly Patient = well, that is something that some of us have to learn Some things do not go fast once, this does not work in the case of innocence, because they do not go faster for you
  7. You need to port forwarding the main ports so proxy ip + ports that you need to bind Goodluck there
  8. Habituellement, les touches de dragon font cela pour réduire de moitié vos dégâts il n'y a pas de dossier de cache sur la xbox qui contient vos anciennes données Microsoft aime garder les choses dans des dossiers qui sont obsolètes P.s il n'y avait pas d'optimiseur intégré dans le lanceur sur warframe xbox voudriez-vous me chercher il peut être un Gear icontje aucune idée moi-même, j'ai toujours la 360 et ne sais pas à quoi ressemble l'interface utilisateur sur celle de la Xbox .. laissez-moi savoir que je suis très curieux de savoir si votre ancien statut sera restauré dans le domaine des fenêtres, il est plus facile de tracer cette bonne chance là-bas Tenno
  9. Clé de dragon équipée? vérifiez vos emplacements de vitesse
  10. Have fun there everyone make it an awesome day that day *cheers*
  11. Nekros prime parts can be traded for Prime items you farm over time ) or buy prime parts with the platinum you have . it would be more cheaper tho you could buy the nekros pack but i personal wont do it when you still can farm for it Platinum can be realy difficult for those that are starting in warframe so the best bet Buy as high as you can the platinum , becuase farming plat can't be easy for some of us trading system can be an complex system sometimes and if you can afford it to buy the Platinum then go ahead use the disscount and get rich in-game -- Keep in mind that this Disscount will come more often when you play warfame over the months--
  12. Oo ? permanent you say hmm thats is more like well ok but how do you explain the armor mod then .. like shield and health can be boosted but beeing damaged during battle debuff and buff - Well this strange idea i got can be an future thing idk . Devs know how to deal with certain damage systems and how they can work together and maby devs changes this armor to the same system as shield an health does But in some way i agree with you but still iam realy confussed how armor is beeing used overall , it doesnt feel like you have any armor but beeing hit directly on shield and health maby puncture ,slash damage can be used as an damage debuffer for the armor bar Future will tell
  13. Animated if thats ok ) atleast some active effect - Electricity / the whole armor bar turns into an bleu shocking animation - Fire / the whole armor bar turns into an fire pit that will give some cool effect on it tho But sure i find myself with that idea too So Devs combine this list to the wishing section and we have an great time looking at the fancy armor bar
  14. Well next to the shield+health bar we could use an extra indicator that directs towards the Armor you wearing maby this sounds like an strange idea but hey we do have armor on some warframes and for those i need the extra indicator for the Armor don't ask me how to give an constructive feedback for that but this is so far an small idea that can helpfull towards warframes iam always wondering when iam beeing shot on the armor how much i lost (mostly you get hit but that doesn't show anything specific, In that way you can keep an eye out when the shield and health are getting the damage - This indication can be an realy usefull function next to the shield and health - What do you Tenno's think about it
  15. no love for Arca Wraith so dissapointing *walks aways in sad emotion*
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