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  1. -_Highlander_-

    Devstream 122: I idea has been realised

    How could we know about your idea atleast i haven't seen anything maby people create to quickly topics idk ,, Happy for you that your idea came out
  2. -_Highlander_-

    Where to report afk/leeching players

    Screenshot the person .. send the screenshot to support desk let them take an look at that you need absolutly prove these days with screenshots before you can report .. false report can impact your own account in the end one reason to ignore this kinda stuff .. Ignore the person who is afk leeching and let them do there own autistic bounty ( be smart just ignore them ) this system doesn't change after years how much agree with you OP but it is what it is Screenshot > Supportdesk
  3. -_Highlander_-

    Why is there no goddamn group finder tool after 6 years!

    wow look at that group finder picture .. sure its an good looking feature -- DE Listen to this OP this simple idea can make allot of people happy -- atleast it would be an better option than we have now with MM @GnarlsDarkley This OP brings simple feature to the table .. Digital extreme has enough programmers running around that knows this code the whole division needs to approve this .. but only then it can be done But sure this MM needs to change .. or give us the older CC system back
  4. i thought it looks like an Rhino Deluxe skin ... nvm silly me Buff weapons and warframes and this is what they came up with .. good job Devs on making it an realistic buff
  5. -_Highlander_-

    Twitch drops not working

    Seems you don't care about your made topics -- Removed my content --
  6. -_Highlander_-

    what is verification code for changing email?

    Removed content not gonna give you answers for an non-constructive topic speech
  7. -_Highlander_-

    Cant squad up

    Are you connected thru only modem or is there an router in between does this happen with more games that you arn't able to see online players If you are using an modem only * deliverd by isp (internet service provider) * unplug the modem for 10 min -- unplug powercord + holding down the reset button dont release the reset button for atleast 30 sec -- after 10 min plug in the powercord + holding down the reset button again as soon the lights shows you release the reset button again hook up all the Cat5 network cables to the modem .. and set network in the ps4 to automatic again .. take the steps 1 by 1 .. and test the whole network status if everything is beeing received as the list shows you .. ip psn status etc. --- if you have an router in between you might wanna switch port -- use your consoles on port 1 only as this is an piority for the console and not for whats in #1 already .. Reset the router in the same way as the modem ... if you have both then use this option for both devices you have to set new options thru your router if you have 1 and see if Upnp is activated This counts for Wifi and Cable connection Good luck there and may this list help you in any way possible
  8. I gues you arn't that smart but instead you do what others do .. gmmm why the heck do we have community guide lines for and respect has to do everything in that .. before you rant away . you should know that you have to grow up and dont have to say anything that comes in mind that has an negative impact towards the system where you playing in .. Go ahead say what you mind is thinking even when you are beeing poked by others to say it this will result again in an chat ban .. No wonder that kickbot is here to keep things clean people and there open minds -- And btw this topic is open for everyone that has an opinion --
  9. Only if you would read more of the Guide Lines then you should already know how sensitive Kickbot is .. Even when this is an 18+ game .. maby you forget that this game should be community friendly .. everything that is seeing as an negative impact will be punished by the system .. Even when you say it .. its not cool to try it out in the first place .. as you have to deal with an community from diffrent ages .. not only 18+ are around but even 7 year old .. yes they are here in the game .. You should give an good example towards others that look up to you .. thats why Digital extreme gives you that responsibility to act What if everyting would be accepted .. this whole game turns into an rage duster .. where almost control looses it charm This is an way to keep things nice and you are not the only one that gets bans from kickbot there are allot people trying to provoke kickbots sensitive meter Even when its harmless or not .. you should give an good example anytime anywhere .. respect can be earned by giving it
  10. Quick math .. don't look surprised
  11. -_Highlander_-

    PSA - PC Server Upgrades Commencing

    Give the server some coffee too .. Thanks for upgrading and hopefully this stabilizes the Hosting Migration more
  12. -_Highlander_-

    Thread deleted

    D20 or Letter13 one of those 2 are closing removing moving topics on the fly and why they do it .. well its becuase of the new guide line for the forum they are filtering out the mess ..
  13. Any chance that your firewall might block 1 of the programs from warframe .. Can you tell me which firewall you use atm .. Norton . Bitdefender etc .. It might help to resset the firewall rules and then restart pc .. start warframe and see if some confirmation pop-ups from firewall shows to set new rule for an new program Check on the routers mainpage if Upnp is set to on Take the time to take each step ..
  14. -_Highlander_-

    Kitguns Mastery rank bug

    Its bugged ☹️ not only for you but for everyone .. Moa's kitguns k-drives .. nothing is fixed ( gues devs are busy with it ) awaiting hotfix towards this
  15. -_Highlander_-

    How do people have so many Riven mods?

    You just gave your own answer XD welcome to the trading channel where you can trade almost anything for cheap or just certain items for specific items 😎