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  1. same here (total earned before hotfix was about 51k, got 39k in my inbox). i think the last murex wave wasn't counted because the databases didn't have time to consolidate the results or something.
  2. well that solves most of the problems i brought up in my previous post. good work.
  3. @[DE]Rebecca hi, there's a bug with operation scarlet that prevents us from getting the bonus reward : either the murex kills are not attributed to the correct flotilla, or when entering or exiting a space mission we're switching flotilla. i've just done a mission (with a premade group), entering the railjack with the flotilla being at 11 murex driven away, killed 5 murex and came out of the mission to see the flotilla still at 11 murex driven away and no points being shown on the board for me. that happened several times to me. and i'm not getting any bonus reward. please fix the way murex kills are tracked by the flotillas, and/or the bonus attribution condition (give it even if the player isnt in the flotilla anymore when it reaches 100 or something), because right now, putting in efforts for 1-2h to reach the 5k participation in a murex wave and not get any bonus is infuriating. also, some space squads receive multiple killcodes in a row while others are waiting without getting any. you guys need to put squads on a list ordered by timestamps they put their oplinks up. to give credit where credit is due though : the event is pretty much awesome (if you dont take the bugs into account). nova's new deluxe skin is gorgeous.
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