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  1. amalgam barrel diffusion decreases speed instead of increasing it. it shortens the distance travel when dodging, while the time taken for the entire animation (from the start of movement to the end of stabilization of camera zooming back in after the dodge) is exactly the same (70 frames). what would be expected is either travelling the same distance in a shorter amount of time or travelling a bigger distance in the same amount of time.
  2. here's what i've already suggested several times : casting pull "on" (ie : aiming reticule intersecting with the bubble) a magnetize bubble instead performs a 360° pull centred on the bubble. otherwise it just does the normal pull. no lingering effect or stuff like that.
  3. DE, you should seriously consider cutting the number of vents to 2 for the first phase of exploiter fight, and one hatch only (plus the head) for second phase.
  4. i liked it a lot when you used to put a link/quote to the main update patchnote in the hotfix thread.
  5. @[DE]Rebecca : i was under the impression that the prime mods had been moved to the even hundred of ling rewards (200, 400, etc) and the weapons to the uneven hundreds (100, 300, etc) ? the change having been made shortly after i hit the 700 days mark, i was already not very happy having to wait nearly 200 days to reach 900 and get my pick from the weapons, but login in today to get the 900 day reward gets me this : i want my weapons damnit ! am i really going to have to wait another 3 months ? seriously ?
  6. Hi, can we please get a solo/training mode for frame fighter ?
  7. it gives the "reddit glyph"
  8. TEAWREX working for me! (TEAWRAX did not)
  9. OLDFRIEND isn't working for me ("invalid code"), both ingame and on the website.
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