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  1. another solution would be to extend the "leave squad + migration" we have in the plains so that it can be used everywhere at least, along with fixing the host migration system. we could even add the possibility to invite other people of the squad to leave with you.
  2. try magus lockdown on naramon focus tree. now that is fun.
  3. @[DE]Rebecca : i was under the impression that the prime mods had been moved to the even hundred of ling rewards (200, 400, etc) and the weapons to the uneven hundreds (100, 300, etc) ? the change having been made shortly after i hit the 700 days mark, i was already not very happy having to wait nearly 200 days to reach 900 and get my pick from the weapons, but login in today to get the 900 day reward gets me this : i want my weapons damnit ! am i really going to have to wait another 3 months ? seriously ?
  4. very unlikely for them to do that... vortex already doesn't have a limitation on numbers of enemies pulled in, and that's one of the major differences between that and bastille (the other being bastille suspending enemies in place for headshot opposed to vortex grouping them up for AoE). the problem is that vortex is near unusable atm, because of the low duration and reduced range, though it was perfectly fine a couple years ago, before they #*!%ed up the radius calculations... i remember using it with 175% efficiency (which means fleeting expertize), and getting 15+m range and 15+s duration. with the same build (250% range), you now go from the base 6m to... 9.49m.
  5. Hi, can we please get a solo/training mode for frame fighter ?
  6. it gives the "reddit glyph"
  7. TEAWREX working for me! (TEAWRAX did not)
  8. OLDFRIEND isn't working for me ("invalid code"), both ingame and on the website.
  9. That would be much appreciated. Also, make the switch panel a looped/revolving list (like that if you don't see what i'm talking about : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiUfnrxFPBo). a long time ago, they used to spawn on each site of a tile before switching to another tile. but it has been changed, and though i can't recall in which update, i'm pretty sure i remember reading something about it by a staff member about being it by design. yes, articulae display a loadout of your choice, and let you set poses. so if you have 15 loadouts, you can only display 15 different articulae simultaneously (you can put 25 if you want, but -poses excepted- you'll have duplicates).
  10. i'm also getting that, but in void fissures. and it's not like there are an abundance of fissures for any given tier to choose from.
  11. yeah, it's due to lag and lag correction mechanism inducing position discrepancies between host and guests. the frame on the guest is not in the exact same position as the host, but ability spawns are entirely decided by the host, who sends the exact spawn location to the guests. so for the nova guests, this results in AMD spawning to the side or even behind the frame, making it very annoying to charge. they can solve it too, i'm pretty sure they already did it for other abilities sporting similar problems.
  12. oh yes! that's real good news, gonna go buy them right now, thanks!
  13. absolutely not. in 2.0 you could ramp up spore's damage to tens of thousands of damage per tick in seconds (30k per tick in 9s through all the armor of lvl155 heavy gunners here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HSEqyMRk7M ), and there was no cap on the damage/tick you could reach (millions per tick with melee on enemies of sufficiently high level, compared to the currently "infinite scaling" capped at 100k). the scaling capabilities were way better then than they are now, whether it be in the speed at which it scales or the amount you can reach. and that's nothing compared to the infinite exponential scaling we had in the old days of saryn 1.0 before they butchered venom (ancient name of spores) when you couldnt spread toxin procs but you could stack an infinite number of spores on the same enemy and pop a whole stack at once with a punch through weapon to spread them to nearby enemies (the only limit was what people's computers could handle before crashing). and man those days were fun. but as i said several times, i rather like the direction she's taking, i just wish we could actively ramp up spore's damage instead of waiting for it to go up on its own.
  14. i'm pretty sure the "sickness duration" was in reference to the stun, not miasma's own duration, but i might be wrong.
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