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  1. -.SP.-G43riel

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    Like always happens People who use bugs/exploits complaining about it being fixed
  2. -.SP.-G43riel

    What makes you cringe!

    reading the warframe forums
  3. -.SP.-G43riel

    Ordis.app: Social Network + Market + Alerts and Codex

    can only say good luck on your project hope DE notices it
  4. -.SP.-G43riel

    Live Now: Featured Dojos!

    we sure NEED THIS i mean could always make it so the clans need to donate(it would be somethiing to do at least) to build said alliance hub
  5. -.SP.-G43riel

    Achievement bugs

    yeah it's been like for a long time When you try talking to Warframe Support about that, they say it's steam fault Try to reach steam support several times, they said it's DE fault, also asked if i could use Steam Achievement Manager, got permission and used it
  6. this kinda happened to me before the update the whole decorations simply started taking a weird long time to load inside the ship even though they are still there but that weird bug? glitch? stopped happening to me
  7. Somebody probably already said but colors and lights went crazy and look bad no matter how much you fiddle with the settings tried changing everything, turn everything off and back on
  8. -.SP.-G43riel

    The color is too bright

    same here and no matter what i turn on or off in the settings last 2 times something similar had happened turning off Dinamic Lights fixed and during another one turning off Ambient Occlusion this time nothing helps the colors just look wrong
  9. -.SP.-G43riel

    X-Zone // Garasu Weapon Set (Concepts)

    i love the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th cool ideia to make them based on Warframes styles Limbo,Hydroid, Harrow, Inaros. Mesa
  10. -.SP.-G43riel

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    firstly - they state that you only need to follow/read the guide lines, but most details about art style (allowed/not allowed) are not disclosed there, did u even read everything i said? second - Equinox, Zephyr and Nyx are not warframes most players use, still they got tennogen skins also by your definition of "only adding skins to warframes people play" then most of the player base ONLY plays Excalibur? or only mag? or only valkyr? they have tons of skins sorry need to try harder next time ok?
  11. -.SP.-G43riel

    Raid Rework

    they were fun, me and my friends did they every day, not for plat, but for fun we had the circle challege of doing all the raids, normal and nightmare versions, using only 1 warframe, like a 4 team mates of lokis, 4 team mates of banshees, good times. it was specially fun whenever someone random asked to join our team and didnt understand a thing. the best part of them was being able to make a 8 man team, that's what i miss the most
  12. -.SP.-G43riel

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    you're right and wrong at the same time 1st- A problem is that its hard to understand how they judge things, specially when they talk about "art style not fitting with the game", as there's a lot of weird crazy art style that have been accepted but others dont. 2nd- These threads are meant to have feedbacks and show interest as its stated here 3rd - some warframes have tons of skins/helmets and still keep having new stuff added to them, instead of taking priority of others which have none. 4th - i agree that patience is needed and i waited a really long time for several skins that finally made it during the Round 13 batch, but there's nothing wrong in being sad or dissapointed that your favorite didnt make it
  13. -.SP.-G43riel

    Theory: Did The ”Man Behind The Wall” Give The Tenno Powers?

    Did you already finish the other quests? Chains of Harrow? Sacrifice? Well the void demon / man in the wall, appeared during a incident that happened on the void which affected the operators(kids) spoiler ahead about chains of harrow read on your own terms spoiler ahead about the sacrifice read on your own terms
  14. -.SP.-G43riel

    Steam Workshop Launch + Faq!

    i guess i'll let you alone, that is really such a big problem...
  15. -.SP.-G43riel

    Steam Workshop Questions, Answers, & Bug Reports

    sadly we got none of them 😢