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  1. I can only get so harrrr... happy, I've been waiting so long for this.
  2. I'll be waiting for a fix to this #UwU
  3. As I said, I understand the point of leaving open Cetus/Fortuna really early into the game and it's because these two updates, because they're big, bring new players My point was, for the sake the game itself, both of these shouldn't be available to new players, because the resources you get work for a handful of things, outside of Cetus/Fortuna you won't use any of the things you gained in there, most of the content in the game needs resources gained from missions in the starchart, most of the game content is outside of Cetus/Fortuna, as a player who came back when Cetus was released, I really regret spending the first few days in the plains because it locked me from all the mods, warframes, weapons that are gained outside of it and left me with a lot of things I don't even use a.k.a resources. I just repeated what I wrote before, cuz it seemed both didn't even read, I never even mentioned the enemies lmao, still tough enemies are always nice
  4. Yes Fortuna, also Cetus, is content that's unlocked early in the game, yet it doesn't mean it's made for new players, new players shouldn't really have access to these regions because Fortuna and Cetus both are really separated from the whole game, you get resourses that you can only use there, aside from a handful warframes and weapons, leaving these open for newcomers just makes them even more confused as to what to do in the game. I understand what the point of leaving them open early is, I just don't think it's the best for the game.
  5. So I've been having this issue since the release of Fortuna, I get this black line that goes from fortuna all the way to the edge of the map, and moves whenever I move my sight, when inside a base it gets worse, I get a black wall about 15mts away from me, so I can't see anything, I've tried changing the settings but no matter what I try it doesn't go away, except a few days ago I got rid of it by leaving the video settings at medium but then the ground turned transparent, this only happens in Orb Vallis.
  6. Thanks for this update, and the new prologue quest, it's always nice to have new content, yet I came here to complain, lmao, and yeah it's about the Operator cosmetic changes. Can you guys revert the Varida Suit back to it's previous state? I'm sure there's some other cosmetic changes on operators that people didn't like, so I can only speak for what I have and use. With the changes made, my operator looks horrible with it's Varida Suit and Koppra Tunic, when the tunic is off it clips onto the neck/chest thing, which it didn't have previously, also the pants that came with the Varida Suit are gone, like why, it was the best, it looked so elegant and nice, I usually don't come here to complain, actually this is my first time speaking up in here, but this one change is probably the only change that has bothered me in my time playing the game, don't mess with my operator's aesthetic DE, please. Please revert the Varida Suit back to it's previous state, take off the chest piece and it's ring, and bring back the pants it had, I'm crying DE please, can't even look at my operator now.
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