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Enemy horde crashed the game.


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As the title said, I was in a party in a map on Venus, but the game crashed when I was running away from horde of enemies, coming my way. Game stucked when a bullet hit the floor, particles came out, and all that I know that it's stucked. Good thing that I didn't lose my rewards and actually progressed from there, as I was near the Extraction Point and perhaps it's because I'm in a squad, not solo.

After that, I tried re-logging in to the game, and I had to re-do the tutorial, and choose my Warframe again, but I skipped it and chose the same Warframe, the Volt. My profile is still fine, all of my previous stats remained. Just mentioning this, since the game thought I was a new player after the crash.

This is the 2nd crash I had, same thing happened. Tons of enemies -> crashed.

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