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Hypnos - Dream King Warframe

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Health: 150 (450 at rank 30)
Shields: 50 (150 at rank 30)
Armor: 65
Energy: 150 (225 at rank 30)
Move speed: 0.9

Passive - Essence Link: Bleedout lasts 5 seconds longer, allies are also healed when reviving. In Solo mode, this is replaced with an additional quick revive.
- Healing: 8% of revivers total health per second (40% for normal revive time, 32% for Trinity since her revive is 1 second faster.)
- Duration: 25 second total Bleedout duration

1 - Essence Drainer: Siphon away crucial life force from an enemy, can be activated onto multiple enemies at once. Energy cost increases by 5 per affected enemy.
- Energy Cost: 25 (Affected by ability efficiency)
- Damage: 20 Damage/s (Affected by ability strength)
- Healing: 15/s (Self heal only) (Affected by ability strength)
- Range: 10 m (Affected by ability range)
- Duration: 10 s (Affected by ability duration)
- Extra Details:
 - Duration resets when a new enemy is afflicted by Essence Drainer.
 - Damage ignores resistances

2 - Befall: Send out a lash of sleeping dust, causing affected enemies to fall asleep.
- Energy Cost: 50 (Affected by ability efficiency)
- Effect(s): Deep Sleep
 - Deep Sleep: Enemies affected will fall asleep, enemies wake up when they reach 20% of their total health.
- Range: 15 m (Affected by ability range)
- Duration: 10 s (Affected by ability duration)

3 - Dream Walker: Become a walking ghost, leaving the Warframes' physical body behind. As a ghost, 100% critical hit chance against sleeping enemies is added to weapons' current critical hit chance.
- Energy Cost: 25 (Affected by ability efficiency)
- Effect(s): Specter Form
 - Specter Form: Any damage and any effects/statuses will be ignored by the ghost. The ghost gets an increase to crit chance for all weapons by 100%, adding to their weapons original crit chance, allowing ease of access to Orange crits and Red crits so long as the enemy is asleep.
- Energy Drain: 8/s (Affected by ability efficiency)
- Extra Details
 - Both Hypnos' Physical Form and Specter Form can be spotted by enemies.
 - Hypnos' physical body is entirely stationary, and won't move until the ability is cancelled.
 - Hypnos' physical body can still be affected by damage, healing and status effects, it can even be killed.
 - Dying/Becoming downed while Dream Walker is active will cancel the ability automatically.
 - As an example, if a weapon has a 35% crit chance (Through any mod or not), Specter Form will add 100% to it, making it 135% in total.

4 - Nightmare: Deal intense damage to all nearby sleeping enemies, causing them to wake up atrophied.
- Energy Cost: 100 (Affected by ability efficiency)
- Damage: 1000 Damage (Affected by ability strength)
- Effect(s): Atrophied
 - Atrophied: Movement speed and fire rate is reduced by 25%, and damage would be reduced by 25%.
- Radius: 20 m (Affected by ability range)
- Duration: 10 s (Affected by ability duration)
- Extra Details: 
 - Damage ignores resistances

Augments, made by this beautiful generator:



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