Launcher hangs at black Lotus screen.

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My Xbox One X is having trouble again launching the game. When it gets to the blue Lotus logo with white Warframe letters against the black background, it just hangs there.

I heard that this might be cache related. And seeing as how my options are limited here, this is what doesn't work.

Uninstalling. Reinstalling.

Uninstalling. Cold reboot of Xbox. Cold reboot of modem. I am hard-wired directly. Reinstalling.

My Xbox account is up to date. Settings say multiplayer works, NAT is open, IPv4. Everything else with the Xbox works fine.

I've tried everything I could. I'll keep trying this same cycle until I hear from you.

edit 1: Nevermind. It just started working. I wish I knew what I could do to avoid this if possible. I wish WF was a bit more robust.

edit 2: It's doing it again. I can't play. Please respond.

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Issue returned. Game won't launch.

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I have found a workaround. If I start WF as the first app after launching, I am able to get in.

But if I run the YouTube app before launching WF, it hangs. I wish I could give you more clues, but this is beyond me.


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I am reasonably convinced that the issue is caused by the YouTube app. It did the same thing to another game I started days ago. It corrupted it's cache. Perhaps an asset that their app uses doesn't get flushed out. The YouTube app will go complete black screen sometimes for no reason. After that, it is highly likely that the next game played will fail. The app also gets updated quite frequently. 

So in the end, I really don't mind restarting the console to play any game as long as it works consistently. I don't hold DE responsible for this at all. Love you guys. Looking forward to Fortuna.

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