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Low Res Warframe Texture When Moving In Plains


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Whenever I move in the plains of eidolon or cetus my warframes textures go low res. I know there's LOD for things far away usually, though it seems odd to have my warframe which is in the foreground go pixelated every time I move. I've noticed this issue for sometime now. It seems to happen on every frame and skin I use, though it's very noticeable on my nova stinger skin as it shows a seam along the back.

Here's a gif of it happening:


I've played with the settings a bit and can't seem to find a tweak to get rid of the issue, hopefully I'm not just missing something simple. Here's my settings:




I have a GTX 970, using Nvidia Driver 388.71 currently (though this has been an issue for a while across multiple driver iterations), 12 gb of ram and an old AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor. The game resides on a Samsung SSD.

I've also reinstalled the game at least once and the issue persists.



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imgur direct link wasn't reliable
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