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Lost all my color schemes after update.


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Yeah, so I thought this happened to everyone ... all my chosen colours have gone back to the default, no favourited colours remembered, sigils weren't as they were, etc ... I spent a while getting my rhino prime and favourite 3 weapons back, played a fair bit, closed down the game for a bit, came back ... and it's all wiped again ... it's only because I started having a temper tantrum in clan chat did people point out that it's not a universal issue (hadn't happened to any of them) ... so much time wasted, haha.


EDIT: This time I didn't bother re-fixing his look and just decided to play ugly ... after one mission I loaded back into my orbiter and my colour scheme was all restored...

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Same here, though it happened to only some of my frames. Every single glyph also got messed up, enlarged, and rotated sideways.

I also had issues trying to download the update the day before, had something to do with the servers?

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