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Mod Search in Upgrade Screen always shows certain mods


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It looks like mod search in the upgrade screen now always returns mods that are used in another config but not in the selected config, up to eight results or so. I present these three searches for "clem". Searches that have actual matches also include the mods returned by a garbage word search.


Config A search "clem" returns Stretch from Config B. Overextended was not returned this time, sometimes it is when changing between Config A and Config B.



Config B search "clem" returns Narrow Minded, Rush, Redirection, and Flow from Config A (does not return Thief's Wit for some reason, altough earlier when I tested this it did.)



Config C search "clem" returns eight of the mods used in configs A and B. Switching between config tabs changes the results.



Finally, a search for "range" returns quite a lot of mods that maybe shouldn't be.

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