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my warframe is crashing


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Since the new update "CHIMERA" every time i'm loading at the gate from cetus to the plains my game is crashing, but i'm not having problem while in cetus nor in the plains, when i log in again and ask to rejoin the session i get to the plains without problems, but how i'm going to do bounties without load the plains from cetus?? ¬¬

I tried redownload the game and nothing solved the problem

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I have been having the same problem and I seem to have fix mine for now.
In the warframe launcher, click the cog at the top right. "I was going to Verify then optimize or reinstall the game" I noticed the 64-bit mode was not clicked.
Click the 64-bit mode and start the game I went in to Cetus to the gate and it did not crash, I also did a bounty and it works fine now for me.
Hope this helps.


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