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Cursor speed/look sens would decrease? Why?



Hi all. So only today, I started realising my cursor speed would literally halve after a few seconds of either changing resolution, refresh rates or alt tabbing. It sorta feels like look acceleration but not 100% sure as I despise that feature in any game. I use the same settings for everything I do for my mouse, and it behaves just fine outside of Warframe. 

Yes I could change my DPI settings for whenever I play Warframe, but I don't have a DPI switch on my mouse and honestly, is a hassle. I could increase my look sens in the settings but that doesn't affect the cursor speed. Going from a nice look sens to a really slow cursor speed in the menus is annoying

I was wondering if anyone has been experiencing the same thing and if so, if there's a solution

Edit: I've increased my UI cursor sens to the max yet it doesn't affect anything

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