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Melee lock on and aim


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Since Chimera Melee went into weird territory.

A lot of people already stated the problem with channeling and lacking momentum with certain weapon types but what I didnt see yet was an issue thats drives me nuts the most: No lock on anymore. I cannot remember jumping past enemies like I do now, flyers are super hard to catch, crouching or flattened enemies will be passed by. This is extra frustrating with stances that have high momentum spikes like Last Harbinger, which now catapults you straight through the room with maybe a lucky hit while at it.

Enemies I already have hit once while standing directly in front of them will often survive because I jump over them or slide around them. I can only avoid this by manually blocking myself with the enemy model and THEN start attacking. Which goes hand in hand with not being able to channel while running I guess but its just no fun at all. I enjoyed melee quite a lot and lotsa times just took my trusty Zaw with me. Everything but Infested is a chore now.

Is this something I have to get used to or is it just a hickup ?


Loved the quicktime quest for the new sword, by the way. Thank you.

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yes, I'm currently busy making this gimmick sword, you know paracesis, and yeap it's hard to hit flyers, crawlers, enemies on the stairs.  Warframe is 5 years old, melee 3.0 coming our way and we still can't aim with melee weapons. so instead of aiming to head of the mob or aiming on mentioned before crawler, we depend on a certain move in a combo chain. silly really.

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