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Can't Play Everest, Earth


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It may be Warframe, or it may be my computer, but for some reason, whenever I play Everest excavation, my monitor kind of buzzes and goes black showing that there's no signal from the DVI slot. The thing is, it only ever happens on Everest; rarely any other mission, no other video game. It has happened only once on a Ceres defense mission, and once on some other Earth tileset mission. It happens a few minutes into the mission, never at the beginning. While my screen is black, I can still type (while not seeing what I'm typing), and I can still hear *some* in game sounds like enemies shooting at me and excavators running. I don't know if it's Warframe, my graphics card, my CPU, or my RAM, but I can't play Everest.

Thanks in advance for all the help and comments.

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