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Ophelia Bugged


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Yesterday I was farming in Ophelia when I noticed that my melee attacks were hitting like a wet noodle, and my attack speed seemed abysmal.  At first, I thought maybe I had gotten some weird debuff from something.  But at one point in the video (sorry about the length) I fall into the water, and after re-emerging, it seems much worse than before.




Towards the end of the clip, I let the enemies kill me for science.  Immediately after I respawn, the bug seems to be gone.  My attacks are much stronger and infinitely faster.  This got me thinking about another clip I made about a week earlier that I just thought was funny at the time, where I was stuck with the Fluctus throughout a sortie mission.




Both of these bugs occur ONLY when spawning in submersed, in Archwing mode.  If I spawn on land in the tileset, everything is as normal.  There seems to be some sort of issue in the transition between AW and land on this tileset.  

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