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Color on Warframes/Weapons reset to Default


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7 hours ago, qTORNADOp said:

I have also made a post about something similar, though mine literally resets every colour for everything when i log in and removes all colours from my favourites apart from 2 or a few that i have found that stays in there. 

I have this problem too, I log in and find out that all of my colours have reset. I dont even want to switch frames for the chance of my sadness to be increased as my fashion frames no longer exist! Sometimes relogging helps, but other times, it doesn't.

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I have the same problem. There is a similar post on this already tho.

A temporary fix for this is to go into the dojo and back again. The colors on the warframe and weapons will reappear, but most of the favorite colors are still missing 😞

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Temp fix for the problem.
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