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So at the moment in Foundry, we can click "Components" and it tells you how much of each item we have. It would be nice to be able to click on a Component/s and see what owned blueprints use them. 


  1. Click on Components 
  2. Click on "Esher Devar" 
  3. Brings up on screen "Shwaak Prism" "Gara Systems" etc 
  4. Shows up at the top near search "Esher Devar" with a little "X" beside it 
  5. Click on Components 
  6. Click on "Marquise Veridos" 
  7. Results now show only "Shwaak Prism" 

This would be so handy. I know we can currently search the name of a Component, but this would make it so much easier to know how much we need to farm for certain regions to complete our blueprints. 

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