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Saya's Vigil, no achievement or message

(XBOX)z Mr Man z

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So, I had originally made this in the PS4 Bugs > Mission area. Which was a mistake. So, I'm making it again here. (original post in spoiler)


Posted Sept 4th:

So, I'm not really sure what might have caused this. But, I did all the steps for the quest and the only thing that didn't happen was the message being sent to my inbox. It happened a month or two ago and I was hoping that maybe it would arrive at my inbox during that time. But, it hasn't. The quest still shows up in my active quests and I haven't gotten the achievement either. I've got a video of what I'm seeing on my end.

Xbox Clip


I even listened to the conversation between everybody while the coffer was opened.

And right after the final convo, you should get the inbox message, right?

Commented Oct 8th:

Bumping since this is still happening.

I was hoping it would eventually send the letter so that the quest could complete. But, it hasn't as of yet.

Also, it looks like my clip link is broken. But, it shows me going through the UI showing what I'm seeing on my end. I can see the reward I would get on the quests page as well as it showing all of the steps necessary to complete the request. Each of the steps shows that it is complete. Activating it from the quests section when navigating does nothing. I haven't received the blueprint for completing the quest, and I haven't received the achievement for it either.

z Mr Man z's Warframe achievements

So, the problem I'm having is this:

I completed all of the steps for Saya's Vigil and I didn't get the achievement or the blueprint at the end of it. This happened maybe 3-4 months ago now.

I think this was caused by me not getting the message at the end where I receive the blueprint. When I look at it in the missions page it shows that all of the steps are complete. It even shows the Warframe blueprint as the reward I will be receiving. When I am navigating and set it as the active missions, it does nothing and shows nothing as the active objective. I can also set another mission as the active mission and it will then show Saya's Vigil as in-progress with no objective again. I definitely did not receive a letter at the end of the mission. And I remember them opening up the coffer and having the conversation after completing the final objective. Just, nothing following that.


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