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Weapon Slots: Mod ideas for more customization


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I noticed in devstream 117 that Geoff mentioned that archwing weapons might have certain inventory restrictions when used outside of an archwing. So I was wondering if weapon slots are on the table for manipulation would it be possible for us to get some mods that either add slots or trade slots for other of a different type. In the last week or so I've had two main ideas revolving around this comment and how it could be expanded to give players more customization. 

1. Mods that go on waframes to add or trade slots, which would start at a high drain and as the rank goes up the drain goes down. Specifically it could either be a regular mod that would add a slot for a huge drain to the warframe it is in or a corrupted mod which exchanges one slot type for another. One issue with this might be that the usefulness differ between slot type and having an extra secondary might not be as good as having an extra primary. This issue might be addressed by balancing the drain of the mod around the usefulness of the slot gained or by changing the ratio of trade-off, i.e. trading one primary slot for two secondary slots.

2. Mods that go on weapons that make them fit in different slots but reduce a stat (probably damage), and as the mod rank goes up the negative stat effect goes down. Similarly to the first idea the power level of each slot is difference so balance might be done through drain or the ratio of slots gained versus taken. 

So to tie these ideas into what Geoff said, where he mentioned that archwing might take up both slots. An easier way to incorporate those archwing changes as well as give players more freedom with kit choice would be through a set of mods designed around changing slots. 

This was just some brainstorming I had in the last two weeks so if anyone has ideas for improvements or if this inspires ideas I'd love to talk about it.

- Reggles44

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