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Mislabeled Fish


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Not sure if this is even considered as a bug or not, but I figured I may as well pop it in here. I was out fishing for some Goopolla when I saw that the tiny fish wriggling in my hand was labelled as (L) Large. I snapped a number of pictures of different small Goopolla being labeled the same (L) Large. As it is late for me I can't seem to find where to insert pictures else I would post some pictures along with it. 

The only thing wrong about it was the labeling, everything else was as it was supposed to be. The small and the large fish were separate, their drops when you cut them up were different, corresponding with the correct sizes of other fish, and providing different Standing values. The Goopolla is the only fish that i have seen so far that has this problem, though I have only seen  the common fish who require no bait to be brought out. 

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