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FPS Drop/ Stutters after recent update


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Hey everyone, Sorry for the below lengthy explanation.

Im fairly new to the game but i have been playing this non stop for pas month. My specs are as follows

Dell Laptop

i5 3370U 1.8ghzMm

4gig ram 1333mhz

AMD radeon HD 7670M 1gig discreet

500Gig hDD

I thought i would never be able to run this game but after trying and lowering the video settings to the oblivion i was able to run this game at a constant 60FPS in many missions and even 80fps in the orbiter. In cetus this was about 30FPS but fluctuating.

After the recent chimera update I optimized my game cache and doing fine regarding game performance and suddenly 4 days ago i got a massive fps drop+Unplayable stuttering.

Basically made the game unplayable

I changed my AMD gpu drivers but it didnt help at all. I ran Furmark and my GPU seems to be working fine.

Then I did a complete system reformat and reinstall on my system drive and suddenly the game started working fine. This time i let windows update take care of my graphic drivers cuz Updating the drivers before or installing an older driver didnt helped me.

And then yesterday the game decided to not work at all again. I have 60-80 fps in the orbiter but its stuttering like crazy, Its is unplayable in the missions.

Then I reinstalled windows again and this time the problem didnt resolved like last time.

Can Anybody please help me.

Currently there is only few apps in my PC and everything I tried didnt helped at all



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I have been having the same issues with my game. Before Chimera there was no stuttering. I tired finding Lightingservice in task manager but i dont think i have Aura. It is fixed for a couple of missions when I restart my laptop but after that it just keeps stuttering and gets worse the longer I dont restart my laptop. I hope someone at DE can adress this, I know the problem is pretty vague and its hard troubleshooting it but the game is unplayable with the stutters. 

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