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Phone App - ADs for Mats.


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Hello Comunity,

  I come to you with an idea that by reading the title its quite self explanatory. In case the title is not clear enough, what I mean is basically to be able to obtain surtain materials by watching adds through The cellphone app.

  Before rage comments drop from the skies like fire balls on the apocalypse I want to make notice that I am well aware the game is a "Looter". And this idea goes against the flow of the game. But I'm doing it anyways LoLz... 

  Jokes aside, I'm adressing a problematic. The Foundry takes enough time to create an ítem (which is 100% fair and realistic and I love that feature about the game) and some of us go to University or work '9to5s' and are unable to log for the most part of the day to get them mats (unlike this friend that whenever a good alert is up, calls his wife from his job to turn on the PC and makes the alert through his phone at his job's bathroom, yeah I know. Next level of WTF right there). 

  So, how I think this could work without being exploited? 

1) The Type and Amount of Ads should be determined depending on the Amount and complexity of the mat/s missing.

2) Don't: watch the ads and at the end 'You recieved an Argon Crystal'. (Totally exploitable).

    Do: Have an option on the Foundry (on phone App) after pressing BUILD that could say something like 'You don't have the materials to craft this ítem, would you like to watch ads for them?'.



Well, why not. It's a win win situation. We get the ítem started. And the DEVs can get AD revenue. You could say we are... ..."AD grinding"...  if the Looter part still doesn't convince you (*wink*).


Well, this is pretty much it. Thank you all for your time.



P.S.: Reply to Captain obvious. Yes I know, Prime parts, Neuroptics, Systems, Chasis, Caparaces, etc. Are not allowed. I'm refering to drop Mats, from Rubedo (easyest) to Orokin Cells or Argon Crystals (hardest). *sigh*

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