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PS4 to PS4 Pro



Has anyone gone from ps4 to ps4 pro and noticed a significant difference in performance for Warframe (better graphics, load time, etc.)

Also, any tips on best way to migrate data would be greatly appreciated.  From what I have found load outs and fashion frame is in local save data and inventory, arsenal, and game stats on DE servers. 


1080p resolution on TV do not have 4K.

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I have both, oddly the loading time from pressing X to launch the game and being able to play is about 20 seconds slower on my PS4 Pro than on the standard PS4.  (two launch day PS4s, last Christmas-ish PS4 Pro)

I'm also on 1080p monitors, but I haven't noticed any graphical / framerate differences.  Full disclaimer though, I do have things like motion blur, color correction, etc. turned off in the options on both, because I think the game looks subjectively better with those options turned off.

About data migration, just back your "saved game" up to PS+ or USB drive on one and restore it on the other, however all of my loadouts / color choices / etc. are effective on both of I make a change on one.

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