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Staticor and Kuva Catalyst: Vanishing Catalyst


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In my Kuva Survival mission today, I had the following happen: I was using a Vaykor Hek and a Staticor. Whenever I had the Vaykor Hek out, and I picked up a Kuva Catalyst, the Catalyst would be invisible in my  hand. In this screenshot, I am holding the Kuva Catalyst:


It's hard to see, but the off-hand Staticor is on my belt. This sorta made the mission hard to do, as I was never sure whether I was holding a filter or not.
This bug did not occur when I already had the Staticor out; if I picked up the Catalyst like this, it would appear in my hand as normal. I didn't think during the mission to try picking up the Catalyst with my melee in hand, nor have I tried this with other combinations of equipment yet.

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