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Dialog skipping


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i am here to report a bug at least i think its a bug

in my game the people talking on the left/right side off the screen their dialog is completely cut

they appear for a second then they disappear i don't get to read the subtitles cause of this and hear them say it

this bug has stayed with me from the start of the game i rarely get to hear and read what they have to say

but when it does work usually its only on assassination and cutsenes but sometimes it also doesn't work

this leads me to having to watch other people do the quest just to know what the people said and i don't wanna do that

i also ended up spoiling my self the entire story i have only made it to neptune and i already know about ballas how the lotus betrayed the tenno i know about the endgame stuff

i haven't even heard most of the characters voices at all i don't even know if they have a voice these characters include the lotus, operator, shadow stalker, konzu, tehshin, ordis players say hes annoying but i cant relate

i did talk to people about this in the game but they have absolutely no idea a guy told me to check setting but everything seems normal

no one else seems to be facing this bug i found this bug in the first quest "vor's prize" and has stayed ever since

im not sure how anyone could possibly fix this and i kinda already gave up on it by watching videos on youtube about the quest

although i can still play the game but this bug did give me some trouble in the second dream when i was supposed to bring margulis to the chair thing i ended up staying in that quest for half an hour cause i didn't know what to do shadow stalker kept pushing me back i thought he was trying to kill me but apparently he wasn't the lotus was telling me something and i was trying to kill the shadow stalker cause i didnt know what i was supposed to do but he was regenerating health which got me even more confused and it was like putting 2 immortals against each other but i eventually read the wiki and found out what i was supposed to do at that time i was willing to let him kill me so yeah i wasted a lot of time cause of a bug

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