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Warriors of Æsir - Gaming Clan since 2001 [Shadow Clan] [95% Research done] [Discord]


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What is WA?

We are a gaming community who strive to create a safe haven outside all the toxicity, drama, and rage of the games we play on. WA's purpose is to offer something different, something unique in the gaming community with so many clones and communities with no real personality or anything that defines them.

The Warriors of Æsir is an old clan with a distinct personality. It has merged within itself modern military aspects with older Norse settings. The culture of the clan is also very much affected by heroic Germanic concepts. Songs are sung for brave heroes of the clan, titles are given to those worthy of remembrance, kinsmen are carefully recorded and lineage is carefully documented. All members of WA can trace their lineage back to a key individual. Members of WA pride themselves on the communities and groups they build, and strive to keep records of all recruits. Major groupings of recruits based on common lineage have resulted in the existence of several Houses. Major recruitment lineages within Houses are known as Families (Many members recruit hoping to one day found their own family, or perhaps even a House if their line gets large enough). The six current Houses of WA are Dane, Dippity, Cammander, Kilroy, Blitzkrieg and Thief.

Although not a strict requirement, members are encouraged to adopt a Norse name once they reach a certain rank. We have a large collection of Norse vocabulary, making the creation of a new Norse name very simple. We don't allow members to name themselves after Norse gods or heroes (like Odin or Beowulf) unless specifically allowed to.

We have very basic rules for our new members, getting progressively more strict and requiring more if you continue through the ranks. Our base rank, Scout, requires you to know what WA is and want to be a part of it, respect other members and not cause needless issues, and respect our traditions, culture, protocol and chain of command.

In short,

We are looking for players interested in this lore and purpose of WA, and also in gaming with us. We play a variety of games and hold many tournaments and competitions on those games. We play several major titles and we don't limit ourselves to specific games. Some examples of the currently popular games in our clan are Warframe, League of Legends, Monster Hunter World, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, World of Warships, Starcraft 2 and many strategy games by Paradox. We also have weekly events that are held for certain games and people are encouraged to host their own if they don't see events for the games they like. Our Warframe division has been growing significantly and as such, we host Warframe game nights on Mondays. Most of our research is done and we have a fully functioning Dojo.

You can read more about us on our [website here], or feel free to contact me on Discord if you have any questions or want to join:

Patomonya#3561 (Discord)


Húskarl Patomonya Hróðling of House Cammander

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