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[EUR][PC] Looking to join a solo clan to gather Clan blueprints.


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I've been playing on and off for a few years now, so far back Loki was my starting frame. I know that a lot of content is gated behind clan research, warframes, ship upgrades, weapons, and I have attempted to try accomplish this on my own in the past, partly for the research and because back then you needed clan access to trade.  I didn't get very far, my kingdom for a handful of forma.  Now I'm planning on "Switch"ing platforms soon and have been farming up frames and clearing the star chart, so that when I do transfer I have a little more to take with me.

Truth be told I've rather fallen out of love with the social aspect of gaming, a few bad experience here and there have soured my mood on it all. Now I choose to stick to single player titles and if I do venture into multiplayer territory I tend to avoid anything team based.  Granted I never had a group of gamer friends that I could play regularly with, but I did enjoy it more in my youth even if it was only randoms.

Now we come to Warframe, a multiplayer game that I absolutely love, and the only free to play game I've ever put money into.  I can jump in run a few mission, join up with randoms and everyone knows what they're doing and I don't need to talk to anyone. It's bliss for me, sure I know that the end game stuff will require communication, but I am so far away from that it is not a problem for me right now.

So I don't really enjoy talking with others and I rarely go out of my way to interact with others.  On top I go really long periods without playing, no real reason, just other stuff comes up or playing other games, the last time I played the underwater Archwing missions were just added.  For these reasons I've avoided joining a clan and instead tried to do it all myself, not wanting to burden another clan with only here in spirt approach.  Now don't get me wrong I don't have a problem contributing, that isn't my issue in all this, when I "Switch" I think I might try taking a more active role. either creating my own clan or helping another.

Now last year, I think. Destiny 2 came out.  It's a fun little game for what it was and I enjoyed playing through the story, but ignoring the massive paywall a lot of the new account is behind I missed out on basically all the end game stuff raids and the like because I don't enjoy playing with others as much as I did. Now despite all that I created a Clan for destiny and we got to at least 100 strong the last time I bothered to check it.  And I founded it the idea that it was a clan for solo players, like myself, that wanted to play solo, but still wanted the benefits of being in a clan.

Now it has come to my attention that there are similarly founded Clans here in Warframe. Clans that don't force you to be constantly talking, that let you play at your own pace and not hounding you to join what ever mission they're running, that lets you do your own thing while still having the benefits of being in a clan.

To this intent I'm making this post, to see what is out there, available to me.  With the release of Warframe Switch drawning closer, I probably won't be around on the PC for long, unless of course DE surprise us all and announce cross play progression.  But I will be here.

If you require any further information, ask away and I will answer within reason.

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