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Pistol mission affinity quest (BUG perhaps)


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just now I've encountered a Pistol affinity quest ("kill 20 enemies with a _pistol_"), however since I had an MK1-Kunai equipped(*), I was not able to make any progress with that quest, therefore not being able to complete it.

On one hand I understand that "kunai" is not a "pistol", however, since both are "secondary weapons" (so I cannot wield both kunai and pistol), I would find appropriate for either:

- kunai contribute to the quest (as if the quest was for secondary weapons); or

- that particular quest not "appearing" in case I have a kunai equipped (or any other "non-pistol" secondary weapon).

Simply, I find it inappropriate to receive a "mission-affinity-quest", which I'm not able to complete. just because I have "a wrong" loadout.


(*) yeah, I'm a quite freshly awakened Tenno


Best regards,

Otropius, a fellow Tenno

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