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Fusion Error


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When I was selecting a large number of fusion cores to fuse into a Hell's Chamber mod, it gave me the error "/Lotus/Language/Menu/ErrorTooLargeDrainOnInstalledCard" when selecting the last core, preventing me from adding it to the current selection.


Has anyone else encountered this problem? Just thought I'd submit this report in case no one had done so yet.


Thanks, great game by the way.

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many many times by this point.

does not hurt to post it again though.

its a shame that your first post had to be a bug op, but nevertheless, enjoy your stay with warframe.


Thanks for the reply, I'm enjoying it immensely. Also, would you happen to know if the fact that mod being upgraded is currently equipped has anything to do with the problem? It seems that if I upgrade a mod that is not equipped, I do not encounter this issue.

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