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Hello, after really big break, I decided to comeback and start enjoying the game I like the most. Everything went smooth I really cant complain, but then one day (recently) I had that "Login failed, check your info" error, and thought, oh okay maybe the servers are down or something. But since then, almost every day its happening again and again. Sometimes, i managed to log in later in the day after receiving that bug or whatever it is, but usually if it pops out I would check every 30min trying to log in again and again (reseting my pc each time/closing steam/not closing steam, etc...)but the results would be the same . Oh yes, I forgot to mention, while I cannot log in to on my pc, my friend managed easily to log on my profile from his computer. I tried to optimize cache, and to delete game and install it again, but the results were the same. If it happened once or twice, I would have stayed quiet... but this is really annoying me... Can you please help me resolve this?

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