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"Experienced" Player Ayatan Sensor (not locator)


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Hello Warframe community,

I am typing to all of you today in hopes that a heavy investment-high efficiency reward will be considered for introduction into Warframe.

I speak of an Ayatan detector: a device that detects a faint resonance from any Ayatan sculpture within a level without revealing its location.

This device would emit an invisible sonar-wave upon commencing a level, alerting the Tenno if a sculpture is available to collected; however, the Tenno remain responsible for locating the sculpture's exact locale, as Orokin technologies remain mysterious in their tactical behavior.

I have my own suggestions in regard to the cost to attain such a coveted contraption, but that instance is ultimately the developers' collaborative decision.

Despite the statement immediately above, I would be most appreciative if this addition were considered, and strategically-implemented, within Warframe's ecosystem.

If anyone possesses constructive comments or concerns regarding the above and is willing to maintain a mannerly demeanor, please feel free to list them as replies to my topic thread.

Thank you for your time, Tenno.


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I further considered the above proposition, and arrived at the conclusion Arbitrations exceptionally-fit this Endo-providing role.

Furthermore, to those Tenno who seek plentiful Ayatan stars as another Tenno very likely has stated before me, please visit Jupiter with a full Endo-fused Master Thief mod equipped to your Warframe, and open the plentiful Corpus lockers bestowed before you; this method has served me well to this date. 👌

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