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Some SO/ESO tilesets don't belong in SO/ESO.


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For the most part, the choice of tileset rotations for Sanctuary Onslaughts is great. If my squad gets a good tileset, we manage to get 30k+ focus on early zones, and 60k+ focus after zone 8.

However, there are some horrible, painful tilesets for 2 main reasons: (A) They are extremely big and most frames cannot build enough range to nuke with decent damage beyond 50 meters, AND/OR (B) Barely any enemies spawn in. 

Just from my memory now, these 2 issues are only relevant for specific Corpus tilesets, but I could be wrong and there could be some Grineer/Infested zones that are just not at par with the fast DPS pace of most tilesets.

I'll be spamming SO/ESO for a while, so if I encounter some of said tilesets, I'll post screenshots.

Edit 1: I got one of those tilesets on my first zone.


The problem with this one is just (B), barely any enemies are spawning in. Compared to other tilesets where getting 350-400 kills is easily doable, you'd have to be pulling some voodoo magic to get more than 200-225 on this tileset.

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