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Mod Power Cards For Warframes


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lets all amit it right: we do not like what is coming down on poor ember; "the hell did she do to them? set fire to their pants?" yes i have asked that question myself on this cause she hasnt done no harm- yes! she did not mean to make the screen red when she came out-she went to the doctor for that.


and this isnt the first thing we all cry bloody murder. my first one was with sound quake.....i die that day when i found out.....it was from ancients knocking the hell out my banshee. i found out from my squad the cold hard truth in which case she has not been the same for me.


my solution? new power mods for all the old frames.


my reasons: we all do not like having to using powers that nerf'd then have to rebuilt an entire build espically after forma'ing alot into it. when a power gets nerf'd a play style dies and sometimes a players commitment to the game: you want a frame to be more power heavy or more utility? make a NEW POWER CARD!....simple right? you can make a new frame with new powers but not a new mod card for an old glory? doubt-it.


the coding would not be as hard seeing as they make new helmets for frames ever other update not seeing why not new mod powers for our old glorie not to mention it would give season vets to the game a good week or two hunting down the cards as well as give a breath of fresh air to some frames like mag, banshee, or even ember (she is going to need it seeing she may not be seeing engame places anymore.)


sorry if i went off the hinge a bit...thinking of what may come is something that brings back my banshee...worked so hard for that platinium... any thoughts on this? good idea or just wishful thinking?

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While I always thought they'd do this, and agree with it, I'm pretty sure someone else/a lot of people, have already made similar threads to this. Always wanted different powers for current frames to make things different/throw in variety for folks using the same frames.


But even then, the trick for DE would be to make all the old and the new powers useful, so the variety would exist, instead of everyone just grabbing the new powers because they're "better".


Anyway, search the forums, you'll find more post like this with different ideas.

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lets wait till stuff actually gets changed before we get the pitchforks eh?


true. but, i rather have a nice sharp one ready to go.


all that aside i am starting to think the De hears only a select few of the players. emeber has not been flamed at all for overheat-ever! nova? i have seen sooo much hate for the m.prime you think she cause the WW2 holocaust by herself! vauban? i have more for vortex than bastille- hell i dont even remember anyone having problems with bastille.


they are hitting everything else but not the problem: it is like a doctor treating you for high white blood count instead of the reason for the white blood cell count:


for story buffs: want to know more about the history of the tenno, grineer, corpus, where and what cause the infestation to go halo flood, R.E, and Dead space on everything.


gameplay: more meat; not vegs. i like more toys but what is the point when there isnt something new to use it on? "i got a new shiny lv 30 frame(still has no bullets dents cause of xini.) and i want to run it threw the ringer".....kind of like doing doughnuts in a muddy field with a new truck.


interactivity: dojos need love but not the way they have been. first off, i took it has a shot in the gut when they changed the tileset for the dojos....all that work alot of people put into there dojos and then "great job! but....we dont like the way the tileset is soo..*pop* okay thanks!"...the dojo i am in now looks really F***** now-like i had a bad infestation problem, stopped it, and never got to putting the panels back into the walls on some, while some of the new halls look like apple came in there and started to change going euro tyrant on it.....yeah....nice.


going back on topic now: the Des need to take a night, make a nice pot of coffee, and start reading of the forums, and take notes; that is how this game will get back on track cause it is going somewhere no DE ever wants: complete. utter. failure. and disgrace.......LIKE EA!

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