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Something is buging rendering on vallis/fortuna


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its not as bad in Fortuna Proper, but here is a list of what I have found
1.turning off Antistropic Filtering helps (which doesnt make sense)
2.going from borderless to full screen helps
3. Myself and others in my clan have gone through and turned off various settings and nothing seems to fix anything, Only helps a bit.
4. I have found out that if I go high up https://imgur.com/a/MNsiSKa   my frame rate stabilizes to what I get in the rest of the game (I have it capped at 60) sits about 40-60 (which isnt as stable as I normally am). Two things I can think of for this 1. something about the coolant is hurting FPS which could have something to do with fortuna dropping fps 2. when I went up there the traces of the giant blizzard orb went away (the shaking) maybe it has something to do with that? Only places I get less than 60 is earth, PoE, and now Vallis. All the more recent tech. (rest of teh game is fine though so some of the upgrades have actually helped.         

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