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Fortuna Ground Textures Vanish Completely


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I've seen this bug happening since I started going out into Vallis (that being some time yesterday after the big update itself dropped).

Initially when exiting Fortuna, everything will load fine, save for the game having a significantly lower framerate that all other areas of the game (I usually see 60fps or more in all areas of the game. Fortuna averages at about half that, give or take 10fps). Eventually (anywhere between 5 and 45 minutes later), the game will freeze, go to a black screen, pause all audio, and then come back with the entire area looking like this (along with my FPS going back up to it's usual 60+):




What's worse is that as soon as this happens, the only way to make it go away is by restarting the game. Any attempt to re-load the area without fully closing and re-opening the game will cause the bug to happen immediately upon going to Orb Vallis.

While I was looking around for solutions to the problem, many people mentioned turning Aniscotropic Filtering off would reduce the framerate problems (which it did), and that temporarily stopped this bug from occuring. 2 hours later, it came back just as bad as it had always been.

As much as I'm enjoying DE's new "Floating Islands" open world area, it's not exactly what I signed up for, and this is starting to get very annoying.


EDIT: So now it seems that it is just happening exactly one minute after I head out, regardless of having restarted my game or not. Good news: the framerate issues have vanished completely, somehow. I even re-enabled Aniscotropic filtering and the framerate didn't immediately nosedive.

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