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Just some questions


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I have been playing Warframe ever since it got released. I have fallen in love with the lore and history of each Warframe. After Sacrifice had gotten released, I played through the story making sure to absorb as much as I can. I have been left with a few questions I can't seem to find the answers to. 


1. What would a warframe feel like if you hugged them? Would they feel like armor plates like a knight, or would they feel more soft, like a leather jacket?

2. Considering Umbra had a personality which still seems to be present even after Sacrifice, do ALL the others still have their own personality?

3. If the warframes did have their personality, was Umbra the only one who's personality remained?

4. With transference working as it does in the universe, Do the Tenno and the warframes talk to each other, or is it a more of meeting the same goals?

5. When Ballas created the warframes, did he create the Primed variants and the others are just "Mass Produced" versions?

6. Can the warframes actually talk? Or are they limited to just thoughts?

I have many more questions, but they would have to wait to see about the answers to these.


What are your guys thoughts? 

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