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Main cause of crashes and issues we have?


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To anyone who crashed on downloading fortuna and restarted the launcher to download the update:

Can you verify your download cache?
Are you crashing at any point in the game?
Cause being able to play fortuna and all means nothing if we get a crash at some points..

In my case i think my ingame crashes and performance issues are related to the crash i had on launcher when i downloaded fortuna.
I cannot verify the download cache in the launcher cause it is keep crashing the same way it did on the initial download of the update!
Im not sure what to do now cause i dont want to redownload the whole game in a whole weekend.

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UPDATE: It was the cause!
Whoever had an error when updating to fortuna and restarted the launcher to finish the update (I know many of you did)
You must Uninstall the game, clean the registry with CCleaner, Download the whole game again!
It went smooth and fixed all my crashes ingame and even solved various performance issues so far.

This one can be locked.

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