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Camp Capturing Bug.


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Hey guys,

I was capturing "The Pearl" with my brother (Both from the same IP, as we live in one house, sometimes we got NAT warnings, doesn't matter though I was the host).

We put the data mass in.
The defense stage started, we defend for almost the end and both died at about 0:15 - 0:07.
The mission didn't end. The console we had to defend still had an orange glow to it and the whole base was uncaptured. But no one could damage the console. It was all grey and locked while the mission progress stuck on "defend corpus systems". 

Now the best part... Due to the bugged base capture progress the WHOLE MAP, yeah, the whole Vallis became defense mission. Enemies from all over the map were running to the said console, even though it was 4000m away. We could trace the enemies from one end of the map back to the console. When an enemy reached the console it's AI stopped working, because it couldn't be damaged...



As you can see we managed to collect some of the enemies in the base. These aren't all of them and they'd keep coming from all over the map. After a while, we decided to leave it as is and go to the other side of the map and let it reset itself. It did but the mission progress was still stuck. We managed to get another data mass from the Grow Site and put it again in the same (still stuck) terminal. This causes the capture to complete and the base was taken instantly.

Seems like a serious, yet still funny bug. It was hilarious looking at the enemies leaving their outposts just to get to this one point. Reminded me of Westworld a bit :D.

DE please fix.

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