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Zariman Hood Bug


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It seems there's a bug concerning the texture, I assume is the term for it, of metallic lining of the Zariman Hood and the actual cloth of the Zariman Hood. From what I've seen, its only visible when the Zariman Hood is opened. The textures of the metallic lining and the cloth of the Zariman Hood seem to be reversed. The metallic lining is facing towards the Operator, in the chest and back areas, and the cloth is facing away from the Operator. Whereas initially, this is reversed with the metallic lining facing away from the Operator and the cloth facing towards. 

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Seconded. I’m having this issue as well. For some reason my friend shows that it’s okay on his side. 

No idea what’s going on since he sent me a screenshot and sure enough it’s fine on his side. 

Edit: It’s apparently linked to Operator Gender. 


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Added a link with more info.
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