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A few very important and obvious bugs


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Recently it has came to my notice that some new bugs has apeared in the game. 

1. The shader sometimes doesnt render correctly, e.g the doors turns completely black.

2. The lighting sometimes flashes (not only flashes but sometimes the whole lighting situation is just wrong)

3. The grinneer storage containers sometimes turns red, e.g in the kuva fortress.

4. With hydroid's second and third ability one can get to weird locations.

5. Ayatan sculptures may spawn in weird locations and get stuck (when this situation happens one must use the bug in 4. to go into the floor/wall to get it), e.g, in a investation slavage map.

6. In the kuva fortress some of the boundaries have gaps in between, allowing one to go through. e.g through the wall and into the map (especially around stairs)/

7. Hydroid's first, second, third and forth ability's animation not showing correctly, e.g when using the third ability the water puddle does not appear.

8. (not a bug but a suggestion) The textures in most maps need to be remade.

Please fix them, thank you.


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