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On Friday, after I updated to Fortuna and played a few rounds, I ended up entering a redeem code, EARSON, after I found it on this Tumblr site, http://bnq.tumblr.com/post/179905755928. So afterwords, I try going into a mission but its says I am unable to make a session. After that I log off and try logging on again, I use the same correct credentials I always use but it says Failed to login, Check credentials. But everything is right, I try a few more times but nothing works. I then try changing my password but that doesn't work either. I even try uninstalling the game and re-installing but that doesn't work either. I have tried reaching out through Discord, Twitter, Facebook and this Forum, but nothing has really helped. I've already contacted Digital Extremes through their official sites and social media but I still haven't gotten any response. Can anyone please help me?

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