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Infinite Load Screens after Alt-Tabbing


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Pretty much as the title. While it works fine if I never tab out, after alt-tabbing, usually in a mission or two I get an infinite load screen, stuck at about 70%. This has happened over and over since Fortuna dropped, and didn't happen before the Fortuna update. DE pls fix ☹️

I had my game set to Fullscreen, I'm gonna try it on Borderless Windowed now. 

I can also confirm that the infinite load screen will proc your Mastery Rank-up mission should you choose to run it, so... I'll be doing that -tomorrow-, I suppose

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It could be, but I think that's just a side-effect of the mission loading and then... not actually loading. Like the game knows I've started it and thinks I just manually killed my connection or something. Anyway, putting the game in Borderless Windowed has seemed to fix the problem for me so far, but I'll edit if it keeps happening.

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