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New Mod System Has A Flaw ( Fusion ).


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It's really good that we don't have to take out/put in certain mods when we want to change our frames, but one thing that was getting annoying was the fact that since I have multiple mods of different ranks on different frames and weapons of different levels, I kept getting messages saying "It will exceed your maximum space", meaning I couldn't fuse this mod because that same mod is on another waepon/frame/sentinel that isn't leveled high enough and would go over the max mod points available, so then I had to go an check everyother frame, weapon and sentinel to see which mod wasn't letting fuse to the next rank.


That should get sorted out somehow, I still have to go an remove or replace mods just so I can fuse the one mod that's conflicting with the rest of my gear that it's on.


Ya, you could tell me to just rank up a new mod, but many of the ones I have are near max and already took up tons of cores, plus I don't have many duplicates of the rarer mods like Serration and Barrel Diffusion ( only have one of each ).

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Well, they need to finally implement "Underclocking" mods, so in case you exceed its cap on one weapon it automatically stays on its maximum acceptable level on that gun and increases for all other guns.

I would greatly appreciate this feature.



It should tell you what the conflict is.  I know that when I upgraded rush (or tried to) it specifically told me that Trinity was deficient in points for the new rankup.

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