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orb vallis complex lighting broken


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The lighting is completely broken for my husband and I in the indoors of the Orb Vallis. Oddly enough, my brother in the same session, was not seeing the lighting bug, and it worked perfectly well for him. 



The lighting makes the area impossible to navigate or see enemies in. even our flashlights stop working. I have also had this bug in the caves, but to a lesser degree.

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in a side note, other bugs i'm sure the the team are aware of, but i feel compelled to list somewhere:

  • when becoming downed while on a K-drive, you are still able to walk around while being "downed" (still can't shoot)
  • if you pick up tranquilized creatures in quick succession, without pausing to let each "capture" data screen show in between, the game soft locks. i was able to break out of it but 2 of the 3 creatures remained hovering in the air and forever unclaimed. 
  • if you crash during a k-drive race, the bubbles don't count and the race and its music never end/don't time out.  --Fixed
  • Although this is a refinement problem i'm sure will come with time, k-drive grinding and rail magnetism is inconsistent and cuts out occasionally. 
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