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K-drive, random suggestion from a random player.


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Ever since i started playing warframe, ive always wanted a side activity to replace those hours sliding on the orbiter, when i heard i was going to be racing my friends on my k drive i thought, mario kart? need for speed? burnout? F-ZERO?! ever since, man i was hyped up for fortuna on the prospect of racing my friends through the fortuna landscape, or simply joining races to pass the time, maybe with a simple need for speed kind of racing, or maybe a mario kart type of thing with kdrives using slows or dismounts on the other players?. 

but no, sadly no, while i loved kdrives as they are, races for me are a massive oportunity gone to waste, what we have now arent really races, theyre just scoreboards,

 my suggestion is to turn them into true races, and to achieve this i got a few suggestions:

  •  4/8 player versus races- timed mode as alternative.
  •  laps around circuits that have you racing each other through fortuna landscape, mountainside and caves
  •  tricks gives speed boost based on the score
  •  (maybe) a mario kart-type of combat where you can get items for boosts/slows/stuns.
  •  (maybe)making mods for exclusive K-drive racing with abilities on a cooldown tied to specific tricks
  • have diferent k-drive components have slightly diferent  jump-speed-boost-handling values for a diferent experience on each kdrive buildF


at the end of the race we could have a screen that features the players in their respective places along with their customized boards, think fishing screen+super smash bros,  this obviously to give a meaning to our customized boards, a place where  we can actually show them off or simply say "hi i won 1st place look at my board", this also opens up the posibility of running hourly/bi-hourly? k-drive race alerts with winning players receiving rewards depending on their placement, with the 1st place getting sortie level rewards. as an aditional less serious suggestion the winning players warframes+operators+keydrives  could be randomly featured on fortunas screens during the day. (ADDITIONAL NOTE: i think the screens on fortuna should constanstly run Nefs financed ads for corpus upgrades, not only does this fit the greedines of the corpus, to entice even those who are already sunken in debt, but i think it would give a touch of life to fortunas landscape to constantly hear stuff being broadcasted) 

this would give actual meaning to customizing our keydrives, it gives more reasons for moding,  gives DE the chance to tie diferent speed/boost/jump to the k-drives components, gives the potential for a rewarding side activity but most important of all it creates a true player vs player interaction, while avoiding the hassles of balancing frames, something this game really needs.

i wont pressume to know about game design so i dont know how much work that entails but at the very least, turning the current "races" into rudamentary 4 playes 3-lap races should be a yes, we cant just ignore the potential lying there, i truly believe the multiplayer value for fortuna would skyrocket, and people would have something to do in case one of those content droughts comes again.

i dont think i was the only one dissapointed  by the lack of multiplayer races, but the update its new and things shape up along the way, lets help give it the best shape, agreements and disagreements welcome.



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i love the k-drive, by itself its really fun but it think its integration with the combat, customization, and social systems already in the game could be improved, which in turn would improve the fortuna experience, dont feel like making a huge introduction, so ill just make a lists of suggestions that i think would greatly improve the experience:


  • Fashiondrive: Holstering K-drives on our back for cosmetic purposes
  • Sigils on K-drives
  • Speed: 3 levels of boosts the longer you hold the boost button
  • Tricks: currently you can dismount k-drive in the air and remounting before touching ground keeps the combo going, imroving on this interaction would make for awesome tricks.
  • better momentun for both warframe and board(related to previous suggestion).
  • mounting animation pause removed (related to previous sugestion)
  • Emotes: make some emotes usable while mounting k-drives, reward huge amount of points depending on the emote, youd have to of course finish the emote before touching the ground or else youd fall (having to calculate time of the emote while falling adds dept to the trick system).
  • Modules: Defensive-Utility modules (usable through secondary fire) here some explanations /examples:
    • Defensive modules (bonuses depend on distance traveled or tricks):
      • Damage immunity for x sec on dismount. duration scales with distance.
      • Board bullet attractor+boost shield based on damage absorbed before dismount. shield duration affected by distance, total trick score since last use its added to shield.
      • board creates a heal, armor, shield or damage-reducction AOE around itself for a long duration after dismount. amount based on trick score.
    • Utility modules, these dont focus on damage nor directly defenses:
      • double jump, faster charge than regular jump but lower elevation, both jumps combined would go higher than regular jump, but less trick potential on the way up.
      • double jump, yoshi- style, as in you hold the double jump for an air boost.
      • hyper-boost: secondary fire for a non steerable 300%-500% boost cancelable with the grind button.
      • dive-bomb type of drop, as in you press secondary fire and the board forces a heavy fall knocking back/down enemies in the area. bigger area on higher falls.
      • tailwind-based air boost, blade-dash style boost, rhino-charge styled boost, on secondary fire 
      • stealth for X seconds on dismount. scaling with distance traveled.
      • sealth for set X seconds usable while k-driving, activated with secondary fire.
      • electrifies board for x seconds stunning enemies that come close. aoe stun on dismount
      • coolant leak for x seconds, leaves a coolant trail. aoe freeze on dismount
      • Cant be dismounted by enemies, Tricks taunt enemies in an small area, enemies who die while taunted Add to the trick score
      • sucks nearby enemies in on dismount, repells them when the board stops.
      • huge sonic boom on dismount knocking back enemies, small sonic boom on boos knocks down
  • Weapon systems/Cannons (only active on ground), mounted on the K-drive with a board-locked aim , LMB used for firing  these would have to be heavy hitting guns (DPS up there with 200% str abilities) along with scatter/AOE/homing mechanics to make up for the neccesary drawbacks, this would created a cavalry/ drive-by style of fighting to weaponized kdrives (if we simply allow guns to be aimed on the keydrive itll be another moving turret type of playstyle). some weapon suggestions:
    • Gatlings/ auto-shotguns/ missiles/ AOE blasters/ semi-homing cluster missiles/ homing heavy hitting dual missiles/ activate to drop grenades every second for 5 seconds/ mortars /cluster mortars/ board explodes on impact after dismount for huge damage/ creates a damage AOE after dismount around the board.
    • we could also make these weapons store extra damage based on the highest trick scored, resets after each attack.
  • if true kdrive combat its a no go i would at least like for melee coptering to make a comeback in the form of k-drive melee.

opinions and disccusions about my choices and reasoning are welcome.

please visit my K-drive racing, the wasted potential and suggestions thread, would love opinions on that too. 

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