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POTENTIAL FIX - Twitch Drops



This is after extensive testing, and trying basically everything under the sun...

This may be a fluke but I have finally found a way to fix twitch drops for the last 4 hours consistently.Obviously your first stop should be re-doing the link on both twitch & the warframe side. If this does not work, which it is not working for a lot of people (myself included) try the following:

You will notice on the Warframe side that the link as its displayed in the account settings profile will display like this: twitchnamehere EVEN IF your twitch account name is TwitchNameHere. Warframe is lower-casing the way the twitch name displays on the page... It appears that the link behaves in a case-sensitive way though (LOL). If you have upper-case characters in your twitch display name, alias it to be only lower case. I can confirm that I have received 4 consecutive drops after doing this.


Please bump this post if it works for you so other people see it.


EDIT: This does not work for users who already had all lowercase, for them all I can suggest is try to make sure that you alias your twitch name to match exactly what it is on the warframe.com account page.

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