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New Mod Ideas


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Firstly, I'm not sure if this is where mod ideas would go, if it isn't I'll put this where it is. Also, these are not technically thought out, and they might not even be possible.


Alright, my ideas...

More specific mods (like thunderbolt only works for bows). Ex. a mod for the Gorgon/Supra that increases the fire-rate windup (it fires faster over time), or a mod that increases shot fired for burst-fire weapons, such as the Hind or Burston. Also, accuracy or recoil mods for rifles.


My other idea is a different Forma thing.

Now I know a lot of people have Forma ideas, but I'm pretty sure mine is different. Basically, when used (on a mod) it increases the fusion cap, but also adds a random downside (i.e. decreased ammo, accuracy, fire-rate, increased recoil). Hopefully -because it's an item like Forma, and not credits or something- people would think about what they're doing a little more, because maybe their mods will decrease damage.


So that's it for now, comments and criticism are appreciated.


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