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The Simulacrum should allow for Frames and Weapons to exceed the mod capacity, add polarities and potatoes, just to test out the build, after all that's the whole point of the simulacrum.

Putting 5 forma into something isn't really easy (and it shouldn't be), but it is really frustrating to do so, just to see that the build sucks.

Mods could have an option to rank up and down to see if that 5% is really worth 20k endo a ton of credits and half my free time.


I know that there are sites dedicated to creating builds, but the numbers aren't always truthful. It is hard to estimate how well a build actually is. combos might not stack as constantly, multiple targets might mean that you need to retreat or cast more often or the scaling of the enemies might totally discard the build. on the battle field things are much different than on paper.



BTW since we are here, we could have some presets or loadouts for enemies spawn. something so we could easely spawn in some corpus or orokin, or just 10 corrupted bombards and 10 corrupted heavy gunners.



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