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Garuda’s abilities and claws bugs


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I have been testing Garuda and I am fascinated by his interesting way of playing. But like everything new, it has problems. 

The first problem is when I use Garuda's first ability, which is to assault an enemy to create a ball of flesh or blood and then create a shield. When Garuda assaults an enemy, she teleports or Garuda's body moves to the enemy. But from time to time, Garuda leaves the map falling into a dark abyss and I have to wait about 15 seconds of fall to return. An example is that I was on Hydron's mission on the planet Sedna to raise the rank of Garuda. I used the first ability and it fell to the abyss or I was stuck under some stairs. The good thing is that this did not happen in open spaces like Tésera's mission on Venus. It seems that this only happens in closed spaces. 

The second problem is that, when I accumulate a large amount of damage with the shield of the first Garuda ability (approximately 15k): it does not let me use any warframe abilities including the same first ability, it does not let me use the operator by pressing the key 5 and he does not let me attack with Garuda's claws either. I can put my claws and channel energy into them but I can not attack, the E key does not work. 

But later when the mission ends and I go to another, it works everything for me again. 

This Warframe should be revised a little to develop the gameplay of the Garuda Warframe. 

Thank you and have a nice day.n

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I've experienced the same as well, falling under the map seems to happen a lot near stairs/ramps. Was soloing a bounty in orb vallis, defending prisoners while the console was being hacked. Fell through the map upon using #1, it reset me all the way back at Fortuna entrance. Had to archwing it back over 1k m away, luckily made it back to finish the bounty. The ability lock issue has also happened, i could only use my primary and secondaries, everything else stopped working.

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